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Wallpaper Hugs (Brent)
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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Brent's Auto Wall 061216

(Standard Size)

(Wide Screen Size)

(Standard Size)

(Wide Screen Size)

Original Wall Title Was: Dude!, Thats not a hug

(A Note Here From Mr Unknown): "Hey Brent, it's happened again and that is I have come up with two versions of my latest cartoon wallpaper and I can not make up my mind which one to share with my fans, so would you please post both and let my fans choose which one they prefer once again for me and hopefully some of them will tell me which one they picked and why?. Thanks, Mr Unknown"

As you can see Mr. Unknown, this is not a problem for me for I feel the more Walls the better it is for ALL this Blog's Wallpaper Fans.  However, hoping for any of your fans to leave you a comment here on this Blog, well don't hold your breath to long on that one, for it more than likely ATE going to happen.  But let me start off with my choice and maybe they will and that is I like the second one only because of the look on the surfer dude's face that looks like he just might like one of those "free hugs"...wink...wink... Thanks for sharing both of these Mr. Unknown, Your Wallpaper Buddy Always, (Brent)


John Taylor-Morin said...

I like the city wall. There is more activity and depth in that one. Secondly the fact that the dude getting the hug is wearing sweats is not something one would normally see at a beach, I mean the sweats.
And I tend to lean towards busier pieces.
Both are fun walls, and I am glad both were posted, they show us your imagination and your creativity.

Anonymous said...

THKS Brent, THKS John I so do appreciate what you both had to say. Mr. Unknown

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